A new genaration passes on the legacy

35 years ago, 1987, a then 23 year old Paul Haglund suggested to his father that they should join forces and open up a mechanical workshop. And to make a long story short this is the result. During the years the mechanical workshop has grown to what Kongamek is today a leading company in material handling products and trollies. Now there is a change in the leadership. Paul’s children are now destined to take Kongamek into the future, Jonathan in the role as the Managing Director and Johanna as the Business development manager.

- Dad was very clear from day one that our last name would not mean that we would get a free ride into the company. I spent 7 summer holidays working in the company, Welding, operating the bending machine and working in the warehouse. This has resulted in an in depth knowledge of our operation and I understand the importance of each employees commitment and knowledge, says Jonathan.

The siblings are now looking forward to putting their mark on the company. The first effort has been to expand the warehouse which has resulted in a doubling of the warehouse capacity.