Sales Conditions

 1. These General Sales Conditions are valid when nothing else is agreed between Konga Mekaniska and the customer.

2. Written offers from Konga Mekaniska are valid for 30 days.

3. Freight, EUR pallets and packaging material will be specified and charged separately on the invoice.

4. Policy with regards to return of products: Products returned where Konga Mekaniska is at fault such as fabrication fault, sending of wrong products will be accepted with no extra charge to the customer.
All other returned products will be credited at cost -20% + freight and packaging material.

PLEASE NOTE! The returned goods shall be in good condition in un damaged original package.

If product is damaged a fee will be charged for re-working the product.

5. Payments shall be made within 30 days from date of Invoice. An overdue fee of 18% per year will be charged.

6. Konga has the right to make instant price changes due to taxes , customs duties or other goverrnmentimposed charges.

7. Konga gives a 5 year warranty on all products. This is warranty is valid on all faults of material or manfacturing faults. Normal wear and tear is not subject to a warranty claim.

8. If Konga or his supplier as a result of work stoppage as strike, lockout, fire, war or similar to which Konga was not at fault, was prevented from fulfilling its commitment to the customer, Konga will not be held liable for damages caused.